Past Project Examples

To illustrate bm4tech capabilities, here are some thumbnail summaries of recent projects.

Insurance claim investigation / Polymerisation process failure.
A petrochemical manufacturer had a series of operating problems with a licensed polymerisation process, eventually leading to an extended unplanned shutdown and significant loss of production. The resulting insurance claim was contested. bm4tech provided independent expert review of the investigations carried out by the producer and licensor. The bm4tech report translated the complex technical issues into an agreed framework of events and consequences, which the parties used as a basis for negotiating liability

Market evaluation / Bio-based polyester.
A private equity investor were considering a second-round investment in a company developing bio-based polyester products for specialty applications. bm4tech provided independent opinion on specific questions raised by the client regarding process economics and product value. The bm4tech report also highlighted additional factors relating to upstream raw material availability and developing legislation which would significantly impact business value, and were used to inform the investment decision.

IP Expert Witness / Synthetic Lubricants
A global chemical company faced competitor patent applications which potentially restricted their sales opportunities in a rapidly developing market sector. bm4tech acted as expert witness support to the client IP team, by reviewing prior art, providing written submissions and participating in opposition hearings in Japan and EU, leading to a favourable outcome for the client.

Batch process optimisation / Ester Surfactants
A European chemical producer had invested in a significant capacity increase for ester surfactants, involving transfer of production to a different site. However, they had problems with startup. 9 months after commissioning they had not been able to achieve target production rates or product specifications for any of the intended product range. bm4tech were asked to provide technical support for a project to modify and optimise process conditions. The bm4tech investigation identified underlying problems with materials management, batch process control and interpretation of process analysis. bm4tech provided a structured program of recommendations to address these issues and to control variability, which resulted in stabilisation of the process and rapid achievement of design rates and specifications.