Past Project Examples

To illustrate bm4tech capabilities, here are some thumbnail summaries of completed projects.


Raw material economics
A US speciality chemical producer faced unexpected price increases for a key bio-based raw material. bm4tech provided techno-commercial analysis of the upstream processing route, identifying the key structural factors affecting availability and pricing. This showed the client that the trend would continue in the medium term, allowing them to get an early start in developing alternative product offerings and push through price increases to recover their increased costs for their existing products.

Market evaluation
A Pacific rim startup company were considering purchase of technology rights to a novel vegetable oil with potential for industrial use in lubricant applications. bm4tech produced a detailed report including value, volume and key performance requirements for each sector of the target market, enabling the client to go forward with a clear understanding of the potential risk and reward.

Ester process intensification
An Asian oleochemical producer were seeking to increase production capacity for ester products. bm4tech partnered with a Process Engineering specialist to carry out a full capability audit at the client manufacturing site, identifying options for delivery of the required capacity by process intensification, with significantly lower capex requirements than cloning the existing assets.