Past Project Examples

To illustrate bm4tech capabilities, here are some thumbnail summaries of completed projects.

Process Optimisation / Ester Surfactants. 

A global oleochemical producer had invested in a significant capacity increase and introduced a new product range on one of their European sites. However, they had problems with startup. 9 months after commissioning they had not been able to achieve target production rates or product specifications. bm4tech were asked to provide technical support to get the project back on track. The bm4tech investigation identified problems with materials management, batch process control and interpretation of process analysis. bm4tech provided a structured program of recommendations to address these issues and to control variability, which resulted in stabilisation of the process and rapid achievement of design rates and specifications.

Techno-commercial evaluation / Lubricant Additives 
A leading specialty chemical company were seeking opportunities in lubricant additives. Although the client had world-class inhouse chemical and engineering knowhow, they were unfamiliar with this market sector, where product compositions and manufacturing processes are generally proprietary.  bm4tech provided expert interpretation of public domain information taken from patent filings, regulatory databases and company reports, in order to highlight the most commercially important product types and to identify their actual compositions, manufacturing processes and scale of production. bm4tech then used this information as a basis for estimation of equipment requirements and costs of manufacture, allowing the client to make an informed evaluation of the profitability of incumbent market players and of their own competitive potential.

Insurance claim investigation / Polymerisation process failure.
A petrochemical manufacturer had a series of operating problems with a licensed polymerisation process, eventually leading to an extended unplanned shutdown and significant loss of production. The resulting insurance claim was contested. bm4tech provided independent expert review of the investigations carried out by the producer and licensor. The bm4tech report translated the complex technical issues into an agreed framework of events and consequences, which the parties used as a basis for negotiating liability.