Past Project Examples

To illustrate bm4tech capabilities, here are some thumbnail summaries of completed projects.

Process technology / Ester lubricants
A major global chemical company were unable to match synthetic lubricant basefluid specifications offered by a competitor. bm4tech discussed process options with the inhouse R&D team and carried out a technology review which found that the competitor used a key additional process step. bm4tech showed that this additional process step had been fully disclosed in an expired patent filing, and could therefore be used by the client.

Market analysis / PAG fluids
A S Asian chemical producer were interested in the market for polyalkylene glycols (PAGs). Commercially available market survey reports gave a confusing picture of this highly fragmented sector, with much recycling of obsolete information. bm4tech provided current expert interpretation, to distinguish the different product types and to explain the performance requirements and demand drivers for each sub-application. The bm4tech report enabled the client to analyse their competitive strengths and weaknesses compared to incumbent producers and target the most appropriate opportunities.

Insurance claim investigation / Polymerisation process failure.
Apetrochemical manufacturer had a series of operating problems with a licensed polymerisation process, eventually leading to an extended unplanned shutdown and significant loss of production. The resulting insurance claim was contested. bm4tech provided independent expert review of the investigations carried out by the producer and licensor. The bm4tech report translated the complex technical issues into an agreed framework of events and consequences, which the parties used as a basis for negotiating liability.