Past Project Examples

To illustrate bm4tech capabilities, here are some thumbnail summaries of completed projects.


Insurance claim investigation / Polymerisation process failure.
A petrochemical manufacturer had a series of operating problems with a licensed polymerisation process, eventually leading to an extended unplanned shutdown and significant loss of production. The resulting insurance claim was contested. bm4tech provided independent expert review of the investigations carried out by the producer and licensor. The bm4tech report translated the complex technical issues into an agreed framework of events and consequences, which the parties used as a basis for negotiating liability.

Patent Opposition / Expert Witness
A global chemical company faced competitor patent applications which potentially excluded them from a rapidly growing market sector. bm4tech acted as expert support to the client IP team, by reviewing prior art, providing written submissions and participating in opposition hearings in Japan and EU, leading to a successful outcome for the client.

Bio-based Materials / Business Extension
A biofuel producer were considering business extension into bio-based materials. From previous work with academics and business consultants they believed that there might be opportunities in the lubricants sector. However, previous consulting partners did not have the specialist knowledge of the market necessary to identify potential products and take the project forward. bm4tech provided a report identifying the main materials currently used as bio-lubricants, including compositions and specification requirements. bm4tech also carried out a review of client current manufacturing capability and provided indicative costings for the target products and evaluation of co-product implications.