Esterification and Ester Products

Esterification and related reactions (amidation, polyesterification, transesterification, interesterification) are among the most widely practised industrial chemical processes, used to manufacture a variety of products, from fuels to food emulsifiers and from polymers to plasticizers.

With such a diversity of products and applications there are many different strategies for success in the market place. You may aim to be the lowest cost producer, or to have the most agile manufacturing, or the deepest understanding of customer specification requirements. But whichever approach you choose, you need to do it better than your competitors. That means you need to understand the chemistry of your products and processes to get them optimised for you and your customers.

bm4tech have extensive experience in technology of esterification and ester products, and can offer support for new product design and market introduction, process definition and optimisation, raw material selection and approval, and general trouble-shooting.